A development blog for our mobile adventure game

Back in Business!

After a long hiatus, Studio Mu is back in business! Well, more or less. With the team scattered to the four corners of the Earth and many of us facing different responsibilities, our reunion hasn’t been quite as monumental or complete as we would like, but there is not time to feel down! We’re taking MicroVentures to IGF!!!

The student category is open for submission until the end of October, and we’re gonna get in, one way or another. Fletcher has already addressed a number of engine issues, and I am currently wrestling with a story generation bug on the phones. While the game won’t be releasable by October, we are going to have it at least feature complete by then. After that, content, balance, and polish. The foundation of any game’s healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Keep your eyes and ears open, folks. We should have a beta v0.4 sometime soon.

– Kyle “The loneliest number” Huey


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