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MicroVentures is now available on Apple iTunes for iPhone and iPad!


We did it! MicroVentures is now available on all iOS devices:


Like our Android release, it’s completely free/ad-free! Let us know how it plays, we’d like to know what you think.

In other news: 

  • Android release is still going strong with over 1,000 installs
  • New Studio Mu website in the works
  • Kickstart Bunny Run: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1738566771/bunny-run


MicroVentures is now available on Google Play!


As some of you may know, MicroVentures is available on the Android App Store, or ‘Google Play’. It’s completely free, ad-free, and available for download here:


So far, we’ve been getting 5-star reviews, which is a great accomplishment since we didn’t pay for any of those reviews. Our only problem right now is that the game does not work on Samsung Galaxy S3, which we have just pushed out a fix for. It should be up on the app store by tonight, and hopefully those display issues are fully resolved.

We’re trying to get our game up on the Apple App Store as well, though that process is a little bit more tedious. Nonetheless, we hope to get MicroVentures on iOS, also free of charge and ad-free!

So if you have an Android, and that Android does not have MicroVentures, then what are you waiting for? It’s FRREEEEE!!

– Studio Mu

Beta v0.4 is Here!

It’s finally here, Beta v0.4 is now available for you to download FOR FREE!

– Massive story generator fixes
– New UI Art
– Loading Screen Hint Text
– Updated music
– Small bug fixes & minor tweaks

Here’s a link:
Download Here!

Also, Check out our IGF page!

QR Code for the game:
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James F

MicroVentures has been submitted to IGF, hurray!

Hey All,

We haven’t put out an update in a while, mainly due to the scramble of employment post-graduation. Though as CEO of Studio Mu, I am proud to say that we have submitted our game to the Independent Game Festival, both the general and student competition. Our team worked extremely hard on this game, and we that it shows during the judgement of our game. Along with us, Pretentious Games’ Hello World has also been submitted to both competition, and we wish them luck as well.

In other notes, we’ve tweaked and polished a few things in the game, including:
– Few art updates
– Fixed several bugs with teleportation
– Fixed several bugs in storygen
– Many other small fixes I can’t think of right now

The Story Generator still has some kinks in it that show up while playing on the phone, and not while debugging on the computer. We have some leads, but unfortunately we’ve been so tied up with our jobs, as well as hunting for jobs, that it hasn’t been fully cleared out. Kyle has made great progress on it, and since we can update our IGF submission, I hope to get it fully sorted out soon and have it ready for judging.

Some future thoughts our team has been throwing around include the possibility of porting our game to another SDK. Though Marmalade has been good overall, there are many flaws within their SDK that seem to especially affect our game. This of course, will only happen if our game picks up an incredible amount of hype and it becomes apparent that we’ll need to expand outside of Marmalade.

One other future thought (now getting into fairy-tale dreamland), is that, if our game becomes so popular and grows a huge fanbase, we will develop tools for users to create their own content for our game, including new levels, heroes, enemies, stories, etc, and hopefully create a community where this user-generated content is freely shared. This game started from a humble childhood-inspired idea, free of any monetization plans, and I plan on keeping it that way whether this project tanks or prospers.

Well, aside from all those pie-in-the-sky ideas, that’s all I have for today. We should be pushing an updated .apk very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Over and out,
James F

Back in Business!

After a long hiatus, Studio Mu is back in business! Well, more or less. With the team scattered to the four corners of the Earth and many of us facing different responsibilities, our reunion hasn’t been quite as monumental or complete as we would like, but there is not time to feel down! We’re taking MicroVentures to IGF!!!

The student category is open for submission until the end of October, and we’re gonna get in, one way or another. Fletcher has already addressed a number of engine issues, and I am currently wrestling with a story generation bug on the phones. While the game won’t be releasable by October, we are going to have it at least feature complete by then. After that, content, balance, and polish. The foundation of any game’s healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Keep your eyes and ears open, folks. We should have a beta v0.4 sometime soon.

– Kyle “The loneliest number” Huey

An Update to our Beta v0.3 Coming Soon!

There’s several bugs in our current beta, the biggest one being that everyone is getting the same three stories. We’re going to fix this in the next week or two and release a Beta v0.4, once we’ve all settled down after graduation.

Also, we’re going to be posting up the soundtrack very soon, probably with our next beta release.

We have a new trailer!

Check it out!