A development blog for our mobile adventure game

Contact Us

James Farmer
Email – jfarmer54@gmail.com

Skype – JFarmer54

Website – jpfarmer.com

Phone – 415.342.0427

Zakary Sheridan
Email – zsherida@ucsc.edu

Skype – svenkabibble

Dan Healy
Email – dhealy@ucsc.edu

Skype – snapizzle

Website – people.ucsc.edu/~dlhealy

Fletcher Cole
Email – fletcherc89@gmail.com


Chris Garcia
Email – sanjosejugglers@gmail.com

Skype – sanjosejugglers

Mark Zablan
Email – mibzablan@gmail.com

Skype – bobdolesays

Clement Tran
Email – ctintran@gmail.com

Skype – clement.tran

Website – clementtran.com

Kyle Huey
Email – kyle.a.huey@gmail.com

Skype – thor-axeti

Website – people.ucsc.edu/~kahuey

Sam Jenkins
Email – sammjenkins@sbcglobal.net

Skype – thethigpenmilitia

Website – sjenkinsportfolio.webs.com/

Gerrit Eggink
Email – geggink@ucsc.edu

Skype – gerrit.eggink


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