A development blog for our mobile adventure game

The Team

James Farmer: Project Lead
Excellent programmer in C++, C, and Java. Some experience with procedural story generating, including both Universe and Minstrel. Experience in OpenGL, Marmalade, Android SDK, Web Development, and much more.

W. Fletcher Cole: Lead Engineer
Much experience programming in C, C++ and Java. Has researched and experimented with procedural level generation and studied procedural storytelling. Has experience working with teams on games.

Zakary Sheridan: Producer
Experience with C++ and UML diagrams, studied procedural story generation.

Kyle Huey: Programmer / Fiction Liaison
Strong in C, C++, and Java. Experience writing and planning for games with branching storylines.

Sam Jenkins: Programmer
Can program in C++, C, C#, Java, Python. Also knows XNA.

Mark Zablan: Programmer / Procedural Specialist Excellent programmer in C++, C, and Java.

Dan Healy: Producer / QA Specialist
Proficient in C#, C++, Java, C, Python, Unity, Inform 7, and Wide Ruled.

Gerrit Eggink: Programmer
Has experience programming in Java, C++, C# (XNA), and C. Previous projects include designing advance algorithms, programming game physics / collision detection / user interface, and working with low level designing.

Clement Tran: Programmer / QA Specialist
Excellent programmer in C++, C, and Java.

Christopher D. Garcia: Programmer / Hardware Specialist
I have experience programming mobile games with Android and am strong in Java, C++ and have worked with ActionScript, C, C#, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Perl, Scheme, oCaml, SmallTalk, Prolog; rapid prototyping with GameMaker / Flash / Microsoft XNA.

Gene SelkovGene Selkov: Graphic Artist

Kimberly Shannon: Graphic Artist

Xian Chua: Graphic Artist

Elmer Zhu: Graphic Artist

Eric Lawson: Composer

Lauren Scott: Writer


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