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We made it! Our first sprint is over!

A sprint!? I thought we gamer types didn’t run… Can you imagine mass of software engineers sprinting? It’s a scary thought, but that’s just what we did! Well … we didn’t run, but we did just finish our Scrum sprint! Instead of pushing our bodies into motion, we pushed our brains and computers to the limit over the last few weeks working on our game.

In just three weeks we planned out everything we wanted to accomplish over the next couple months, made a huge diagram of every little detail we needed to program, and finished an amazing chunk of work. While we aren’t quite done with the entire game, we now have the under-the-hood framework for the game finished, a procedurally generated level with actual game objects scattered throughout it, and a system set up to make touching a phone screen actually control a character! Pretty darn exciting if I do say so.

For the rest of the quarter we can focus on taking this foundation and turning it into an amazing experience for anyone who checks it out. I’m personally really looking forward to working on the story generation portion of our game. I really love the idea of a program generating for itself whatever it needs to keep working and a game that can create its own stories, scenarios, and levels is sooo cool! I can’t wait to hear people playing our game talking about the stories they play though.

Keep in touch! This is going to be a fun development!


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