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Week 1: Hit that ground running!

A farmer by the name of James professed “So yeah, we’re gonna be hitting the ground running.”

And that we did.

Micro effort!

Release Planning

Then it was "Poker Time"

Intensity so thick and slice-able.

Fletcher lost his mind

And yet another fell victim

3AM...okay so I'm kidding but we had been meeting for a good hour now

Mark wanted to relieve himself of his misery as he played with the wall socket


Passionate discussion. "I'm the product owner so...."

But then finally it happened. Could this be the solution they pondered...

The result of our hard work. Sprint planning success!

Pizza solved a lot of problems in the end

Alright so a little rough around the edges for my first blog. Outside of a handful of Myspace blogs this really is my first blog so I promise it’ll get better as we get deeper into the quarter. Basically most of us came back Tuesday and our Release Plan was due Wednesday and then our Sprint Plan Thursday so quite a busy first week. But everyone showed up and everyone put in the effort to get the job done. At times too much effort. At times too little effort. And at times we discussed racism. And other times ate pizza. I think it was the the excitement of coming back to school and working on this project we had planned last quarter, but I hope we stay focused and spend less time arguing over the little things that barely mattered.

Overall, an exciting start for Microventures. Next week we have UML due and a whole of Marmalade to work with.

– Clement “Continuing the Micro Trend” Tran


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