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Sprint 1 Update

Yea…Our product owner told us to make a post at the end of every sprint or else something bad will happen. Since I love the game and the team so much, I’ll set aside my pride and write this post.

To all my stalkers out there I got some good news and bad news. Unfortunately, we did not get all of the stuff we had in visioned for the first sprint done. I believe we were a little over our heads with the number of tasks we started with. We plan to finish most of the game this sprint, but spent a third of the time working on the UML. We also realized that there were other task needed to get done before we started the new ones and the Pacman assignment for our game AI class didn’t help that much. However, thanks to team effort and Costco MegaVentures, we got a lot of the task done near the end of our sprint. I created and helped developed the header and c++ files for the game play part of our game and worked with Fletcher to actually get parts of the level to show on the phone. Plus, we also have a lot of experience and ideas for our next sprint. We need to revise our release plan, but MicroVentures will be out by spring as planned. Can’t wait to implement path finding and enemy AI into our game.

Here’s for good effort and a better sprint,

Gerrit “Stuby” Eggink