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Playable Visible Progress

Hey it’s Fletcher here giving an update on the overall project at the end of our first sprint.  We had some trouble this sprint matching up the work we had to do with the tasks we assigned to ourselves at the start of the sprint, due to a couple reasons including assigning programming tasks before the UML for our project was finished.  Because of this confusion, it often felt like a lot of our work wasn’t really getting us anywhere because there wasn’t anything visual that we could look at or play and feel like we were progressing toward a finished game.  However, during our end-of-sprint crunch last night, we were able to put a lot of work into combining all the things we’d worked on and actually start drawing the scenes and reacting to player input, which has resulted in a very confidence-reinforcing build of the project.  We are now able to move the player character around by setting its destination through touch input, and interact with a procedurally generated level! Once the camera is done much of the core gameplay setup will be complete.

ImageA zoomed-out view of a generated map containing the player, chests, and enemies.


Setting the player’s target to a chest.


Moving the player to the chest.

Now we just need to replace my crappy programmer art with some of the content our artists are working on, and we’ll have something pretty impressive to look at!  I’m looking forward to next sprint, and it looks like we should have a pretty nice setup and fun game by the end of it!